We can never play a story of death told to us off for laughs. Play. “In cases of stories with a real seriousness, we retell them one-for-one, how it was told to us. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and … He's also the editor of DoBlu.com.Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.. Info. Info.

It makes for a superb bit of storytelling and although a lot of the people you meet on the island are clearly a little damaged, the charming cartoony visuals mean the impact of the stories really catch you off-guard. Welcome to Elk is a biographical adventure set on an island like no other, where every character you encounter has a story to tell. Our games. The stark juxtaposition of the comically twee styling and silly mini-games with the heartbreaking nature of the stories creates a whiplash-inducing emotional rollercoaster. Info. Welcome to Elk is a unique game about meeting eccentric characters, listening to their stories and solving a few puzzles. Story and setting . is genuinely funny (humor is something Triple Topping fancies too), the stories behind this adventure game come from real places. Even though we’ve filtered our collected real stories into the fictional world of Elk that we’ve created, it’s important that the integrity and the authenticity of those stories shines through,” explains Rufstrup.Being a follow-up project means bringing in lessons from the studio’s .

We also learnt to budget and plan wisely so we don’t ever need to crunch,” Rufstrup writes. Play. A thirsty desire! That is scary! It’s time to break that bank! Even Rufstrop’s own family is involved; her parents feature in There’s a method to the storytelling process. We now know we have to pay attention to building up a community. The Worlds Biggest Beta Testing SiteThe island of Elk is a charming looking place with (mostly) charming characters, but their stories can get remarkably grim and the game doesn’t shy away from showing the darker side of human nature. 400 likes. Note the stories do not focus only on the weird or the funny. From the weird and wonderful to the dark and desperate, all the tales told on Elk are based on true stories of life on the road less traveled.

“This means we can’t take a person who dies and make them evil, stupid, or come across negative. There’s much more to this whimsical looking cartoon world than first meets the eye.The Alpha Beta Gamer website uses cookies. You play as Frigg, a young carpenter traveling to Elk for an apprenticeship. The team is all-in on this project, so much so three of them got is very much like playing in a band, we all have our roles and we come together in a perfect rhythm,” explains Rufstrup. Matt Paprocki has reported on home media and video games for 20 years with bylines on Forbes, Rolling Stone, Variety, Playboy, and others. Welcome to Elk doesn’t look too different than Triple Topping Games ’ previous releases like Spitkiss. Play. As the stars align with the three peaks, Cygnus will unveil its hidden treasures! This description probably already made it … Welcome to Elk provides players with a uniquely whimsical and touching experience. Welcome to Elk. Time to bring order to the kingdom!

He's also the editor of…Matt Paprocki has reported on home media and video games for 20 years with bylines on Forbes, Rolling Stone, Variety, Playboy, and others. Triple Topping has rules. Welcome to Elk is a charming looking, but deceptively dark and unsettling narrative driven adventure where every character has a story to tell that’s based on real-life stories.. By continuing to use this website you are consenting to our Okay this is an extra line I'm putting in purely so that the ad doesn't ruin the page layout on desktops. Info. However the fun anecdotes can be stretched and moulded to fit the setting of the storyworld we’ve built, allowing us to play with the idea of tall tales and the nature of storytelling itself,” writes Rufstrup.Death is always a sensitive topic in any context, doubly so with people willing to tell their past.

Info . New world, new ways!

Play. The art style exudes a distinct, colorful, cartoon aesthetic, the Danish studio’s signature. Play. In its first form, Astrid Refstrup developed the idea for a BA, around a year and a half ago.

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