These statistics also provide a snapshot of employment in the travel and tourism industries. Tourism receipts and spending are made up of travel credits and debits.
However, less than one out of five trips taken by residents of Romania (6 %), Spain (11 %), Portugal (12 %), Greece (13 %) and Bulgaria (18 %) were abroad. Sustainable tourism involves the preservation and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, ranging from the arts to local gastronomy or the preservation of The Lisbon Treaty acknowledged the importance of tourism — outlining a specific competence for the EU in this field and allowing for decisions to be taken by a qualified majority. July 26, 2019. Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). In most EU Member States, the former are collected via surveys filled in by accommodation establishments, while the latter are mainly collected via traveller surveys at border crossings or through household surveys. Access the guide. According to a United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) publication titled ‘Tourism can play a significant role in the development of European regions. Including Tourism in Paris, Inbound & Outbound Tourist Statistics, Spend, Jobs and more!

For tour and activity operators, it can be challenging to find current travel trends and statistics without having to research varies articles across the web. View Study.

Visitor Spending in Canada Each quarter, Destination Canada will publish new data on international tourism spend in Canada by 10 key markets and the rest of the world. When taking into account a country’s size in terms of its population, Luxembourg was the EU Member State whose residents spent the most nights abroad per inhabitant (an average of 31.3 nights in 2018), followed by Sweden (17.2 nights) and Cyprus (16.5 nights). In 2018, half of the total nights spent by non-residents in the EU were spent in Spain, Italy and France. EU residents showed a preference to travel in the summer months with nearly one in four of their trips made in July or August (see also article "EU-27 residents spent an estimated 2.6 billion nights abroad on tourism trips in 2018 (see Figure 6). Germans were the biggest EU spenders on international travel, totaling EUR 80.9 billion in 2018 . Events. Label.
Tourism Statistics Database. In four EU Member States, over half of the total number of tourism trips made in 2018 were to destinations abroad; this was the case for Luxembourg (98 %), Belgium (78 %), Malta (72 %), and Slovenia (61 %). Measuring Competitiveness in Tourism. Final figures for 2019 from the Office for National Statistics put inbound visits at 40.9 million, spending £28.4 billion; putting the projected figure for spend this year at £30.3 billion. In absolute terms, the highest international travel receipts in 2018 were recorded in Spain (EUR 69.0 billion) and France (EUR 55.5 billion), followed by Italy (EUR 41.7 billion) and Germany (EUR 36.4 billion).

In 2018, Spain was the most common outbound tourism destination in the EU for people travelling outside their country, with 301 million nights spent in tourist accommodation, or 23 % of the EU total. View all related statistical … The final IPS figures showed that there were 40.9 million visits to the UK in 2019, with these visitors spending £28.4 billion. Tourism, in a statistical context, refers to the activity of visitors taking a trip to a destination outside their usual environment, for less than a year. Available at: Tourism expenditure: highest spending by German residents. The 1.72 ratio of total output to direct output in 2018 means every dollar of direct tourism output produced required an additional 72 cents of indirect tourism output.Measures how much tourists spend and the prices they pay for lodging, airfare, souvenirs, and other travel-related items. Tourism worldwide - Statistics & Facts Hotel industry - Statistics & Facts Top Study. Statistics on the occupancy of collective tourist accommodation refer to the number of arrivals (at accommodation establishments) and the number of Statistics on tourism demand are collected in relation to the number of tourism trips made (and the number of nights spent on those trips), separated by: These statistics are available by establishment type or by region and are compiled annually. ‘Bed places in the EU-27: Italy and France predominateNights spent by non-residents in the EU-27: Spain on topTourism participation: More than nine out of ten residents of Finland participated in tourismTourism trips: Residents of Luxembourg, Belgium, Malta and Slovenia made more outbound than domestic tripsNights spent abroad by EU-27 residents: Luxembourg leads in nights per inhabitantTourism expenditure: highest spending by German residents

Singapore, for example, made heavy investments in its data and analytics stack over the past decade through the Singapore Tourism Analytics Network (STAN), which provided tourism players with visitor arrival statistics, passenger profiling, spending data, revenue data, and extensive customer-experience surveys. Infrastructure created for tourism purposes contributes to local development, while jobs that are created or maintained can help counteract industrial or rural decline. German residents spent 911 million nights on trips outside of Germany in 2018, while residents of France spent 400 million nights abroad; residents from these two EU Member States accounted for more than half (51.0 %) of the total number of nights spent abroad by EU-27 residents. The data are also analysed by the socio-demographic characteristics of the tourist: Data: Various measures related to tourism such as tourist arrivals, departures, and spending. The economic importance of international tourism can be measured by looking at the ratio of international travel receipts relative to GDP; these data are from balance of payments statistics and include business travel, as well as travel for pleasure.

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