Why does revealed religion somehow deserve more deference, and does that deference apply to all revealed religions?You take issue with my comment that “Humanity has always made God in its image.” You ask what that has to do with the original post. But there is also a reason Christinaity collapsed. Incoherent pseudo poetic rants. In Eastern Orthodox circles in America, the prediction of the rise of neo-paganism has been written in articles since post WW-II.I guess I was expecting the author to include some stuff regarding Catholicism ecumenism and some more historical background material in his article but I admit I might be nitpicking. Then he dumped her, feeling neglected.

All these crimes must be legislated against and punished. I hope you publish your news.“Those who claim to know better than the rest of us whether God exists and what “His” will might be are those most likely to delude themselves …”“This article is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.”Can you make a bit more rational rebuttal to the post? There was no uncertainty in your pronouncements. She will either be quietly ignored or subsumed into the Earth Mother goddess. If he is mentioned at all he will be “the Christ”-a gnostic being on a par with all other gods or he will be “Jesus” on a par with all other religious teachers and gurus. This article is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.What does that have to do with the quote you give, or anything in this post?“The approach used by agnostics, Buddhists and Socrates of having a clear handle on we don’t know is the best way to avoid running afoul of “the Truth.””Well, the California Commission on Self-Confidence can declare its work a success. That was the gig of Israel in the ancient world – as in its doomed rebellions against Rome. You also want protection from your enemy and from all harm. How many successful predictions of such large-scale events have you made?Evangelical Christianity is the orthodox faith. Today if he’s not a top 1% alpha, he runs a significant risk of getting expelled from school (if she’s a fellow student–or maybe even a townie! He’s looking at Western culture, and discussing paganism in its context. While we rejoice at your solutions to the problems of both religion and philosophy, some details about the post would be nice.It is bizarre that you see intellectual arrogance in what is a clearly stated philosophy of intellectual humility – literally “I do not know.” And in contrast, you don’t view claims to know the will of God as arrogant. Christianity lasted for millennia. In the Amazonian Synod we saw a new coalition emerging between the ecology movement, Catholicism and other world religions. But that’s a wronghead conception despite the claim of RC as such.“The pagan not only does what he wills, but his religion is an attempt to get the gods to do what he wills.” – says the guy whose church claims to know what god wills and to use these claims of knowledge of “the Truth” to try to control people and to promote a patriarchal order.Humanity has always made God in its image. (Peter Hitchens recently wrote in a column that the word “Christendom” fell out of use after World War One). But perhaps it is not the author who is “disconnected.””Per the article: “The latest data point to come my way arrived via a Druid friend who visited last weekend”I doubt if a “lot of people” have a Druid friend. We’ll see what we see. I doubt if you would be impressed with the average olive farmer in classical Athens. What is the utility in that statement? When we start seeing a Paul Nunngessner doing the same to his Emma Sulkowicz, then perhaps society will take notice.Bloom saw early on that we had taken a turn on the path. I don’t see neopagan chaplains in the Army, and don’t expect to any time soon.I think that whatever fills the void of the West’s hollowed out soul will have to see it through hard times coming. His article is good enough to the average layman that is wondering what is going on related to the statements made involving the Synod though“I guess I was expecting the author to include some stuff …”At 2 thousand words, it was already twice what I consider the max effective length.

You want good sex. He served as a curate, a school chaplain in Cambridge, and a country parson on the Isle of Wight.Disagreeing with the evolution of the Anglican Church.

Again, I don’t see how that is any more arrogant than claiming to know the will of God AND to impose it on other people. What do you want? These include simplified spellings for the names of the Pagan holidays; as well as a creative overhaul of the calendar, which we hope you’ll enjoy.For example, the names of the Sabbats are adapted as follows:These conventions are only meant to simplify life for the reader. Christianity took this trait, multiplied it 100x, and took Europe.I am always amazed at people who see the certainty of hard times coming. I see neopaganism as a something for a white college educated woman at the yoga studio, and not really as a religion of men, certainly not the kind of men who farm olives or stand in the front rank of a phalanx.

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