Raven Hockey currently has 3 curves in their stick lineup: C87, C19, and C88. Players quickly realized that with a curved blade you have better control over the puck and it greatly increases shot speed.

Perfectly straight blade except the last 3 inches were curved. It's a lot more rounded off and, for kids, that's probably a bad idea as they'll have little less "stick" to work with.Their W03 (Backstrom) curve is just another P92/P29 clone. @peter.hinkley.5Congratulations to Bryce Falconi our April Player of the Month winner! Why Raven Hockey Sticks?

#pom #ravenspotting #nhl #freeagent #hockeyny #hockey #kidssports #pelham #hockeymom @28sousaOur thoughts are with Clarenville Area Minor Hockey Association at this tragic time.Look who got a Raven for Christmas @jaydencalisto09@klphockey88 ready for the one-timer. @nate.lauber77 says “hold my juice box” #ravenspotting #edgesHome or Away... 88 @klphockey88 is ready to rock! Raven Hockey Stick, 2016 Flex20, C88 curve (Kane), Length: 47", 5.5 lie, Weight: 270g, 3K Carbon Dual-Core Blade Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers #ravenspotting@jolie1620 is a good Player of the Month candidate! And check out the orange blade... vintage Flex 30?

Who’s ready? Sticks used to be made of wood it was fairly easy to curve your own stick. #ravenspotting@corbinpoussard_97 with the gold! Find Your Flex; Model: Flex: Player Profile: Cutting the stick down in length changes the flex: 2" 4" 6" YTH: 42: Kids are growing up with composite in today's hockey market; it should start with the YTH players.

#ravenspotting@dukes1hockey is the place for Raven in Toronto! How about a neutral?This blade almost looks closed or it looks like there isn’t much of a curve. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of curves to fit any style.There are 5 major types of curves, toe, mid-toe, mid, mid-heel and heel:Here we see a very open toe curve.

Goalies hate Ninjas.© Copyright - Raven Hockey - All Rights Reserved 2019 Have you ever had a hockey stick that for some reason just felt right? Emma wins one of everything we make. Players quickly realized that with a curved blade you have better control over the puck and it greatly increases shot speed. The hockey stick requires just the right amount of flex for the best kick.If a hockey stick is too stiff, a young player won’t be strong enough to get any kick from their stick. The W88 (Zetterberg) curve, on the other hand, is a lot different.By that, I mean it's easier to catch passes, easier to stick handle without losing the puck, and easier to put the puck right where you're aiming. That makes sense.

If you haven’t yet you will, but inevitably that stick will meet its demise and your search to replace it will be underway. Hockey sticks started out with straight blades. Common practice was to bend under a door. The EDGE 20 has an upgraded 25X Blackmond blade for greater stiffness.The EDGE 20 is the lightest Junior hockey stick on the market and perfect for any player under 50lbs.The EDGE 30 is our most popular model, the perfect stick for any player under 70lbs and looking for a competitive EDGE!

#pom #ravenspotting #nhl #freeagent #minorhockey #hockey #kidssports #toronto #hockeymom @cody.lozinski#booyah slick mitts with the morning breakfast sauce! Those are there for mental toughness.

Oct 15, 2016. Let’s use logic… Most NHL Players weigh 190-220 lbs & use sticks that are 85-110 flex. @rutschhockey rocking the Raven Ninja!

Kane wins one of everything we make. For perspective, a perfectly flat blade has a zero depth. @dudeperfect @eastonbradley6And a late congratulations to our November Player of the month, Emma! #ravenspottingTyler Thomas from the Southpoint Capitals is the February Player of the Month winner!

I can't remember the last time I saw an official check a stick (or a skill player "switch" to a legal stick late in a game).So, kids today have all kinds of options available to them -- different manufacturer's offer different curves, toes, lies.Some of them are the same, most actually, just with a different "contracted" player name attached to them, but there are still a handful of options out there.Most kids, likely, aren't really using the stick they should be -- instead opting for whichever one looks the coolest or has the best player's name on it... just like how I picked my sticks back in the 1980's.This difference today, though, is that some of the cool sticks actually offer options when it comes to the blade...and Kinda sad that Bauer only offers a single option for kids.That's really lame, actually...but with good reason that you'll understand further down.So, the CCM P29 (Crosby) is essentially the same as the Bauer P92 -- they're crazy similar and, all told, it's a good curve for kids.The other option, the P28 (McDavid) is another banana curve -- hardly different from the similarly named P29 -- but the toe is different. This means they’ll resort to flipping the puck and this contributes to poor shooting habits.When young players use sticks with appropriate flex, they’ll learn how to properly transfer power through the stick. It is quite rare to find a completely closed toe blade because they just aren’t popular anymore.I recommend going to your LHS and stick handling for a minute or so and feel which one you like best.Great site thank you. #ravenspottingNice form, good finish, great wrist roll, great focus. All Hockey Players should be using a stick with a Flex Rating that equals less than 50% of their body weight. News — Raven Hockey Sticks Raven Flex 20 used to score on world's best goalie.

Tag us in your in-game action shots to enter.

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