Zad ul Awan by Muhammad Noor-ud-Din Sulemani. "Mirat-al-Israr" was written in Persian by Abdur Rahman Chishti. The basic sources of history of the Awan tribe are the following books: The first four books are the most ancient books on the subject. Alamsherkhan, I can detect a strong sense of sarcasm in your opening remarks – believe me, such juvenile behaviour will get you nowhere, and does your credibility no favours. If the use of word “Shahi” we consider in the light of term "Sikha Shahi", Afsar Shahi" and “Hindu Shahi” it means rule and the meaning Qutab Shahi Awan comes as “Awan's of Qutab rule” .

ii. 24. Here under I am pasting links of video of Awan cultural dance and some from southern Punjab and Baluchistan. QUTUB SHAHI AWAN. This is some sort of Uyghur Xinjiang (Turk) poetry which resembles with “lughat” a famous cultural event custom of Tori and Jhajh Awan’s of Kurrum and Afghanistan. Thus, I do not have to reconsider what it was that I was attempting to say, as it clear for all to see. The article according to the last edit made by Rawalpindi Express contains 41 references, but Alam Sher Khan deleted first five references in his last edit, and you have protected the article with only 36 references.

The issue finding the meaning of title form dictionary does not make sense. Tarikh awan by Malik Mohammad Perve Awan of Azad Kashmirz Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel Hayat o khidmat by Prof. Tassadaq Hussain ( it is composed of history of Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel and valley Soan and Awan history also) See actions taken by the people who manage 3. Qutab Haider,.who is said to married with sister of Sultan Mehmood.. Rose in his book quote a tradition that Awans were attached to invading Army as auxiliaries. 18. Tareekh Bab-Ul-Awan (A History of the Awan Tribe), Muhammad Noor-ud-Din Sulemani 1906. You completely ignored the points I made in relation to Wiki etiquette, and carried on as you were. As I have emphasised before, despite me being an Awan, I have no cast-iron opinions regarding the origin of the Awan tribe, and that is why I have incorporated the viewpoints of authors who consider the traditional claim made by the bulk of the tribe to Arab origins to be reasonable, As Intothefire has underlined (and as did I when I got in touch with you), this is an Contrary to what you claim, whatever my own personal opinions may be, I have not added them to the article (respecting the fact that doing so is unacceptable as this is an encyclopaedia, and not my own personal thesis) – just recently, Intothefire raised concerns about additions to the article that he considered to constitute personal viewpoints, and having reached a “You currently appear to be engaged in an edit war according to the reverts you have made on Awan (Pakistan) . recently some editor have made changes in article instead having consensus. Moving on, if you are going to make allegations about me, then at least ensure that there is a kernel of truth to what you say. Qutab shahi awan - malik awan. Mughtasar Taaraf – by Allama Muhammad yousuf Gabriel But on the best available account of the tribe Awan indeed, are said to be of Arabian origin and descendent of Qutab Shah, but he said to have ruled Herat and to have joined Mehmood of Ghazni, when he invaded India. With him came six of his many sons: Gauher Shah Gorrara, who settled near Sekesar, Kalan Shah or Kalgan who settled near Dhandkot (Kala Bagh): Chauhan who colonized the hills near Indus: Khokhar or Muhammad Shah who settled on the Chenab: Tori and Jhaji whose descendents said to be still found at Tirah and else where. In Gujrat tradition gives Qutab Shah three wives, from whom sprang the Khokher and the four muhines or clans of the Awans. Patterned cloth exports were mainly to Java, Sumatra and other eastern countries.The Qutub Shahi rulers were great builders, whose structures included the The Qutb Shahi rulers were much more liberal than their other Muslim counterparts. I also don’t have to worry about allegations of hypocrisy being levelled at me by others, or being accused of twisting the truth, because I have responded to each of your allegations adequately enough.

25. The Qutb Shahi's were descendant of Qara Yusuf from Qara Qoyunlu a Turkoman Muslim tribe. Request to keep Article in present till upto consensusTrue meanings of Awan or Qutab Shahi Awan and their originAwan's cultural resemblances with Baluch and Afghansinsertions in original references need to get addressedRequest to keep Article in present till upto consensusThe Indus Saga from Pataliputra to Partition by Aitzaz Ahsan , Published by Roli Books , PAGE 116 Panjab Castes",by Sir Denzil Ibbetson, 1883, P.467 Panjab Castes",by Sir Denzil Ibbetson, 1883, P.467 Panjab Castes",by Sir Denzil Ibbetson, 1883, P.468A Glossary of the Tribes and castes of the Punjab and North -West Frontier Province compiled by AH ROSE and based on the Census Report for the Punjab 1883 , by Sir Denzil Ibbetson and the census report for the Punjab 1892 by Sir Edward Maclagan .

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