In 1960, the population was 4.14 million, according to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. Then, 76,156 babies were born in the republic.Even in 1992, that is to say the year after the worst year of the war in Croatia, 46,970 births were recorded, a figure that presumably excludes most of those born in the then Serbian-breakaway areas. As of 2019, the minefields (usually known as "mine suspected areas") are located in 54 cities and municipalities within 8 counties.These areas are thought to contain approximately 31,000 land mines, in addition to unexploded ordnance left over from the Croatian War of Independence.

In demographic terms, he said, Croatia is not heading “for some big breakdown or crisis” but rather “long-term stagnation”. Istria and the Kvarner region in the north now have more tourists than Dubrovnik, and even honeypot Hvar island, near Split, is agreeably mellow for the moment. Relatively few are believed to have gone elsewhere. Croatia’s fertility rate slipped below the replacement rate way back in 1968, but in the period after that, being one of the richer parts of Yugoslavia, it attracted immigrants from the rest of the country. But even if things pick up, there will always be parts of Croatia where life is slower and quieter.With fewer day-trippers coming from Dubrovnik, the lush island of Lording it over the Adriatic coast, the Unesco-listed Further north, less than an hour’s drive from Rijeka, is Follow the course of the River Sava from the capital, Zagreb, and in a couple of hours you’ll reachFour rivers run through the reserve – the Sava, Pakra, Trebež and Ilova – offering solar-powered boat trips and canoeing. It is also verified that the poverty risk rate can be reduced by increase in income.

The village of Krapje, on the banks of the Sava, is the only one in Croatia to be designated a village of architectural heritage, with many of its traditional chunky wooden houses dating back 200 years. Social Development promotes social inclusion of the poor and vulnerable by empowering people, building cohesive and resilient societies, and making institutions accessible and accountable to citizens.

Also, Croatia… But a big problem is the nature of women’s employment.In Scandinavia, which has higher levels of fertility, women tend to work in good jobs in health care or education but in Croatia hundreds of thousands of women work in badly paid and insecure jobs in retail, Ivanda said.If they go off to have a baby, the likelihood is that their jobs will not be there when they return, so many do not, especially after a first child.The demographic problems faced by Croatia are shared by other countries in the region, Ivanda said.“This is a new phenomenon and there is nowhere else in the world which has such a high emigration rate and such a persistent low fertility rate.”This is a new phenomenon and there is nowhere else in the world which has such a high emigration rate and such a persistent low fertility rate.In the past, however, major waves of emigration were offset by high birth rates.

Some 20 per cent of Croats abroad are believed to be from Bosnia.The Croatian National Bank study found that 71 per cent of those who had gone abroad were in Germany, eight per cent were in Austria and seven per cent in Ireland. Poverty is more than low income – it is also about vulnerability, exclusion, unaccountable institutions, powerlessness, and exposure to violence. This article takes a look at some of the major rivers in Croatia. Minefields in Croatia cover 351.00 square kilometres (135.52 square miles) of territory. A new strategy for halting and reversing Croatian decline is being prepared to replace a national population policy from 2006.Bosnjak said huge sums were being invested in everything from kindergartens to agriculture, especially in areas that have been depopulating over the last quarter of a century, such as the east of the country.

Both Ivanda and Bosnjak agreed with that ballpark figure, though there is debate about how many Croats who show up in statistics abroad are actually from Bosnia, since Bosnian Croats are eligible for Croatian passports. Why a poor Ukrainian would go to live in an area not deemed worth living in by an emigrating local rather than richer Poland or Germany is unclear.Also, Croatia’s largest single minority are overwhelmingly Serbs.Asked whether those who left in the wake of the war, or their children, might decide to come back given the inducements being planned, he said he thought it was unlikely. The For panoramic views, head to Sokol Grad, a hulking medieval fortress in the hills above the village of Dunave.

He has been working on the subject of demography as a fellow of the Europe’s Futures programme of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) and the Erste Foundation in Vienna.

The Danube River, at 1,777 miles, is the second longest river in Europe and the longest that passes through Croatia. In 2018, almost 37,000 babies were born in Croatia, almost 400 more than in 2017 — though hardly a big enough increase to be considered an upward trend, according to Bosnjak.And 2017 was the worst year on record since 1960. This year, the government doubled the amount of work permits for foreigners to 63,900 compared with 39,000 in 2018.In the past, many of these jobs were filled by workers from other parts of the (non-EU) former Yugoslavia but now, as Germany and others have opened their labour markets to them, they go there for well-paid, full-time jobs rather than poorly paid seasonal ones in Croatia. The EU’s youngest member state has a history of unrelenting depopulation and successive governments have failed to solve the problem.Croatia Faces ‘Long-Term Stagnation’ of Demographic DeclineCroatia Faces ‘Long-Term Stagnation’ of Demographic DeclineIt is a hard sell persuading Croatia and the world that when it comes to demography, the news is good. Small area …

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