It’s narrow streets and alleys are a great way to spend the day. There are ATMs in the dockyard complex (one at the Clocktower Mall and another near Frog and Onion Pub). Price includes golf cart.... I know Jobson's Cove has cool rock/cove areas but that is a hike from dockyard, no? Usual capacity of a minibus is 15, but there are ones with capacity of 25 as well. Since years, he has been helping countless viewers by posting quality articles, answering questions and sharing experiences on this website.

You can get it right next to the pier ...expect long queues though. I haven't seen any mailbox in the dockyard. The bus stop in Dockyard is located in front of the Some is us would like to visit Horseshoe Bay and are somewhat confused about getting there. Yes there is a parking near the cruise berths and that's safe. There is a canopy and chairs set up for your wait, but when the driver arrived, he only took a few people saying he had to "leave room for the locals".

The dockyard port area offers many shopping opportunities.
Look for taxis with a blue flag – these have been vetted as qualified tour guides.You will notice that scooters are a main mode of transportation for locals. You have to take a short walk away from the royal naval dockyard to reach the public bus area. We are interest in purchasing a 3day pass. St. George is home to small shops, cafes, restaurants and plenty of history. I also offer daily RUM tasting and rum cake tasting to passengers at this pier. The cruise ship offers many excursions, but I'm wondering if I can access the beach and town on my own. It seems Norwegian is cancelling cruise calls to Bermuda because of hurricane Florence. While there are several day-time programs during the week, many musical performances and fun parties are held in the evenings running until late night and offering nice nightlife options here.

Dockyard Terrace) and close to Visitors Information Center. The restaurant serves nice seafood and grilled items including steaks, pasta and Bermudian food. Parking space is available close to the cruise piers. There is a guided bike tour available at Dockyard that offers boat/bus a transit + exploring the western section of the railway trail. Takes 20 minutes one way. Thanks! Bermuda is not really known for innovative cuisine since most of their food has to be flown in.

There are regular privately run minibus shuttle services between Dockyard and Horseshoe Bay Beach.

Pay in cash for the Hamilton ferry. US currency is freely accepted in all shops, restaurants and outlets. Thank you so much for your help! The old red traditional phone booths are still in place. Other than the VICs, there is no other place issuing passes in the dockyard. Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Breakaway as well as selling Duty Free liquor to passengers. There are other water sports such as The train trolley stop is near the berths (at the end of North Arm and to the left). You can then walk for about a mile along South Road (towards east) or take bus #7 again. A few men stayed behind and within a few years, St. George Bermuda became the capital of Bermuda until it was changed in the early 1800’s. I am traveling with a group of 20 to Bermuda via cruise. The U.S. Government wanted their nuclear submarines to sail into Bermuda right to the dock without surfacing so satellites could not detect them.

Now they decided to expand their outlet at the dockyard to showcase handcrafted ice creams, yogurts, sherbets etc. So refer to the bus schedule (of route #7 or 8), add 53 minutes to the start time at Hamilton, and you will get the timings when the buses would be at Somerset while heading towards dockyard.
Sunset view from Black Bay is excellent. The Royal Naval Dockyard once served as an outpost for the British Royal Navy, and has come a long way to become the busiest passenger ship port in the island. There is also a comfy couch where you can relax and read books in a cozy ambience. Other than lots of fish in the waters here, there are also underwater features such a sunken cannons, slides etc which make an interesting snorkeling experience, especially for families with kids. One-way fare to Horseshoe bay is $7. Free WiFi with purchase. If large ships are in port, some stores may have extended hours.Along Hamilton’s waterfront is a key shopping area, with boutiques and unique shops offering British items. A webcam has been installed in April 2013 on top of the A small train came right to the door of the ship to take passengers to the clock tower to shop.. Hi, it takes 53 minutes (on an average) for a bus to reach Somerset from Hamilton and another 9 minutes to reach dockyard. Some of the nice flavors in ice creams includes the old favorite of Bermudians like the chocolate ripple, pineapple sherbet, Bermuda rum flavors etc. From what we are reading, there was a shuttle from the pier but it was discontinued.

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