He can blocks shots with either hand and will be a first rounder in the NBA draft…The question is should he come out this year or wait until next…He’s better than Hibbert from GTown now?….We’ll see…Kenny George would definitley be a huge factor for NBA franchises. The Jazz most recent find was nabbing All-Star Donovan Mitchell. NBA would definitely make him a better playerKENNY GEORGE IS GONNA BE A THREAT IN THE NBA! He’s leading the nation in shot blocking and offensively he’s capable of dunking the ball without jumping.While he’s a longshot to ever see an NBA court due to his lack of speed, he’s definitely going to be scouted heavily by the NBA to see if he could be used as a defensive specialist.Check out this YouTube to see Kenny George in action:He is the greatest seven foot plus big man offensively in years. he is slow and needs to work on some things but overall he will be a force in the nba better then YAO,MANUTE,MING MING,HAKEEM,WALTON I Doubt he will be able to stay in the league long because of his size and injurys for Big Men but short term he will have a great carrer!! He has big heart and great passion for the game of basketball.
Jun 24, 2010 - Kenny George went undrafted in the 2010 NBA Draft making him an Unrestricted FA. TOP US OFF FOR THE NEXT COUPLE MORE YEARS!

Kenny Smith - Career stats, game logs, biographical info, awards, and achievements for the NBA and NCAA. He has big heart and great passion for the game of basketball. TORONTO — Raptors Uprising GC point guard Kenneth (Kenny Got Work) Hailey has been named the NBA 2K League player of the week for the fourth time this season.The 30 … His interests include entrepreneurship, technology and sports. George, who attends the University of North Carolina at Ashville, is in fact a rather big prospect – literally.Standing 7-foot-7 and weighting 360 pounds, George is a behemoth of a basketball player. D raft E xpress. Articles Latest Articles NCAA Draft Prospects Intl Draft Prospects High School General Draft Commentary NBA Pre-Draft … But George doesn't have the athleticism nor the speed to play in the NBA. IMAGEN GARNETT,ALLEN,PIERCE,CASSELL,RONDO AND KENNY GEORGE OH MY LORD NBA WOULDNT BE THE SAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess he has few weaknesses just like any nba prospects.

Thatz all i hafta Say JAMEZ FROM MAINE ~I’m a great fan of Kenny George. NBA would definitely make him a better player A good defensive specialist he might become but the 24 s clock would be a serious problem for him.Stephen is a freelance writer, blogger and business owner. For 19 years, Perrin has been a key college scout with Utah, which is known for its excellence in the NBA Draft. Menu. After finally getting healthy and fit enough to log a decent amount of minutes, Kenny George has emerged as a legit basketball prospect. i think No One Will Ever Be Like Shaq was but… Only time will tell if Kenny George will get that Killer I Wanna get better additude!! But to be true, he’ll be in the late first round or early 2nd round of NBA draft. He only plays about 20 minutes per game. If his basketball career doesn’t take off, he could certainly look into a career in movies as his 7-foot-8 size could make him an Andre the Giant or Gheorghe Muresan type of star on the big screen … Has a chance to lead college basketball in shot blocking this season … By all reports a great kid with a lot of fans and supporters. As time goes on he’ll develope his skills and he’ll be a great star.So far he has shown his potential while playing for UNC- asheville.I think his chances of being drafted in the NBA are high as long as he can keep his knee problems at bay (which is very difficult). A good defensive specialist he might become but the 24 s clock would be a serious problem for him.Stephen is a freelance writer, blogger and business owner. I Think Early 1st round like 7th or 8th pick someone will take a chance on the big fella!!!

That’s his only problem. look at Yi he sucks but they took a chance with him thinkin he might be the next big thing. That’s his only problem.

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