Center is the American spelling; Centre is the British spelling.

Liter = Litre, Meter = Metre. share | improve this question | follow | edited Mar 3 '16 at 12:52. "Central" is an adjective. I always thought it was a fancy way of saying center or naming your business with that spelling. For example, the quarterback in the game of football throws the ball to the center. You cannot talk about "the central of Vietnam." Is it center or centre? Also, in Britain, you wouldn’t use braces to keep your pants up anyway, since they normally stay up by themselves and it would probably give you a bad wedgie if you attached braces to your underwear.I was taught that “center” is literal, as in the center of a circle or table. As a matter of fact, both the words are generally used in the sense of ‘core’ or ‘hub’. 3.Both centre and center refer to the middle of objects, meeting places, and certain sporting positions.

Center and centre have the same meaning.

. . So sometime after that time the British and most of Europe adopted the CENTRE spelling whereas the more phonetic spelling was adopted by the residents of the USA.
Now, have look at the following sentences.Now, in both of these examples, the word centre, which is the British word, is used. Such usages are only temporary.

It’s a leisure centre whereas a circle has a center.Hmm, this clarifies how I should advertise my cosmetic surgery center (centre) Yeah in UK english the word “Ass” means an animal, where in American ‘ingleesh’ Ass means ‘Butt'(Buttocks).A couple of things I noticed – wouldn’t the “center” normally snap the ball for the quarterback?This is a brilliant. The central-difference schemes are simpler to program and require less computer time per time step, and work well with multigrid acceleration techniques. As a noun center is the point in the interior of a circle or sphere that is equidistant from all points on the circumference. I assume we do this because we only see British spelling in proper names, and therefore learned to associate it with a different sense of the word.Thank for explaining in such a brief way well you clear my doubt thank one’s gain for the information“British sports such as the centre and centre forward in rugby”…..There is no centre forward in rugby ! . And, “centre” is abstract, as in health centre or centre for humanist action.I must admit I Was taught along those lines too. In fact, it is two different ways of spelling the same word. (I had built a mental picture based on concrete or abstract thinking, but this article put me right. Or. Both are correct for the simple reason that that is the common usage in the country concerned.Everytime I saw the word centre here in the U.S I would pronounce it Sen-trey. and updated on June 8, 2016 An old joke speaks of an American couple who decides to take a trip to England. This dissipation is needed to approach a steady state.

What is the difference between center and middle?Which sentence is correct: The book in the center of the table. The central difference schemes have a free parameter in conjunction with the fourth-difference dissipation. I think you mean:I will guarantee that had I spelled center, centre when I was learning “English”, in the 50’s & 60′ it would sure ass hell been wrong. Thus, we can see that the words center and centre are sometimes interchanged depending upon context too.Otherwise, the word center is used largely in America, especially in their media. "Center" is a noun that describes the middle of something. 2.Centre is the British spelling of the word that is spelled center in America. and you know the rest!“. This is to make the people of the land understand the significance of the word.The converse is also true. Seeing the two words in real-life examples may help you to visualize how to use them. Incidentally the spelling of Color – USA English comes from the Slavonic nations and is common in Germany. 1. the British system is correct English that has not been simplified and dumbed down.Although often said as a joke when people play with their iPhones and have to select American or British English, there is more than an element of truth in the line: American English?

Written by : Manisha Kumar. We only call it “center” because it is an important place, a metaphorical focal point of the industry, which has no physical center. Born and raised here in America and been indoctrinated and ethnocentric simultaneously I would always say why are things spelled different and why do Brits have an accent, at the time not knowing that Americans are the ones with the accent.yes I read this paragraph fully about the resemblance of most up-to-date and earlier technologies, it’s amazing article. Sometimes, Americans also show the British spelling in some of their establishments just to gain more popularity and importance. USA English is often a phonetic spelling, and to state that the UK English is the correct spelling of a word is no more correct than to claim that the US spelling is.
However, you can replace the word centre in these sentences with center, the American word.

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