Contact our friendly expert team for a free site survey . For the indoor unit, you’ll need at least 15 cm all the way around it in order for the air to flow and circulate effectively. Home Air Conditioning. The annual servicing will benefit you in many ways, if your air condition unit is in a good state it should last a longer period of time. A panel is fitted in a room, usually above head height and this circulates air over a refrigerant which cools the air.Ducted systems are the most expensive option and are also the most discreet.This system has a fan bolted to the outside of the home, but instead of a wall mounted unit, the outlet is ducted to the ceiling.The photo below helps to explain how discreet this system is:Not every air con system will have these options; the cheapest products rarely do, so you should choose your product carefully:Here are the most popular places consumers choose to install air con units:The prices below are for a fully installed air conditioning system, apart from the portable system which doesn’t require installation.This is your chance to let other visitors to Job Prices know how much you’ve been quoted for an air con system.Whether you’re still making your decision or you’ve recently had one fitted, you can fill out the form beneath this table:The wall-mounted system usually takes about 4 hours to fully install, that includes cutting through the wall, fixing the wall unit and the outside fan.The ducted system takes the longest amount of time to install and for a four-bedroom house, expect the work to take around a day if not more.The fans in the exterior unit can become clogged with dirt and leaves, this reduces the efficiency of the system and should be cleaned every year. A visual inspection will usually reveal any issues.The refrigerant (coolant) in the sealed system also needs to be topped up every now and again.

Cost to Fit Air Conditioning in a UK Home. I bought my first home about 2 years ago & ever since I've been trying to research & learn how best to tackle common household problems.I would like quotes to install in one room of a domestic property please. Installed ‘split’ air conditioning units for your home will cost upwards of £1,000 per room and you can also have a linked multi-unit system that works in a similar way to your central heating, using a thermostat to know when the cooling air should kick in. If you do, then it may be a sign that you have a leak somewhere and that should be investigated first rather than continuously topping up with coolant.Air con units that are in constant use (offices) or are located in areas of high pollution/contaminants (kitchens) should be serviced more frequently, usually twice per year.Thanks to Derick for this tip: to ensure you install a system that can effectively cool the room, you first need to take into account the size of the room, the number of occupants, location and size of windows and any heat emitting items.If you don’t do this, then you could end up with an underpowered system that will be overworked, could become noisy, might fail early or need more frequent maintenance.To put it bluntly, air conditioning isn’t cheap to run but you can take some steps to reduce the costs:If you want a rough guide to how much air conditioning costs to run, With global warming and more extreme, hotter summers, air conditioning units are more in demand now than at any other point in history.A professionally installed system could appeal to many buyers and you may get some or all of your investment back should you sell your home.In 2019 we looked at the best free-standing portable air-con units and fans.Looking for a fixed price for air conditioning the home?Hit the link below to see how you get a quote in less than 2 minutes:Don’t forget; we have price guides for hundreds of home improvement projects.Compare prices for hundreds of jobs and find the average cost.Become informed about tradesman's prices and use our guide as a starting point.Job Prices makes use of cookies to help us provide a better user experience.

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