His plans promptly collide with political corruption, but he doesn't back down. The Golden Age of Hollywood, sometimes referred to as the period of classical Hollywood cinema, started with the silent movie era and the first major feature-length silent movie called the 'Birth of a Nation' (1915). Meena lives with her retired and widowed dad in picturesque Nainital. An ex-prize fighter turned longshoreman struggles to stand up to his corrupt union bosses. a list of 1527 people Complications ensue. A World War II veteran wants to return to advertising on his own terms, but finds it difficult to be successful and maintain his integrity.

a list of 35 titles A jury holdout attempts to prevent a miscarriage of justice by forcing his colleagues to reconsider the evidence. After his philandering has exhausted his parents' patience, he takes a fancy to Saradha and contrives to put her in a ... One day she and Sushma go to the railway station to receive Kishore Kumar Sharma, a singer, who is scheduled to perform locally, and bring home a young man who they introduce to their dad. a list of 618 titles

In WWI Africa, a gin-swilling riverboat captain is persuaded by a strait-laced missionary to use his boat to attack an enemy warship. Whom can she trust? After drinking the cup of pleasure to its full they should return ... Dr. Dharmesh (Rajendra Kumar) and Sita (Meena Kumari) are in love, and hope to marry on Dharmesh's return from abroad. A budding romance between a ballet master and a tap dancer becomes complicated when rumors surface that they're already married. A retired jewel thief sets out to prove his innocence after being suspected of returning to his former occupation. A talented boxer and a gifted dancer hope to increase their waning popularity by inventing a fictitious love affair for the benefit of the tabloids.

A commercial pilot is arrested and charged with killing his wife's lover. In Hawaii in 1941, a private is cruelly punished for not boxing on his unit's team, while his captain's wife and second-in-command are falling in love.

His eldest daughter has been married to a young man from Lucknow, Gopal. Harishchandra Khanna lives a wealthy lifestyle in Meerut, India with his wife, Maya, seven daughters, and one son. a list of 102 titles The owners of a circus set out to capture King Kong. An attractive dancer is rescued from jail by a rich man, who helps her to have her first big opportunity at a musical play on Broadway. A hard-nosed newspaper editor poses as a night school student in order to woo a journalism teacher who cannot stand him. Her marriage has been arranged in her childhood... Following the death of publishing tycoon Charles Foster Kane, reporters scramble to uncover the meaning of his final utterance; 'Rosebud'. Paras is rescued by a poor villager, who brings him up as his own.

Beena lives a wealthy lifestyle in scenic Ooty, India, along with her widowed mom, cousin Sushma, and maternal uncle, Khushalchand Peshawari. This is a very heart touching movie based on Munshi Premchand's novel "Godaan".It implies towards the farmers,villages,landlords and all that.

A lower-caste male falls in love with an upper-caste princess. A notorious bandit continues to elude the authorities and strikes terror in the region. An impoverished Engineer in love with a wealthy woman goes on the run after becoming a suspect in a bank robbery.

Beena lives a wealthy lifestyle in scenic Ooty, India, along with her widowed mom, cousin Sushma, and maternal uncle, Khushalchand Peshawari. Paras grows up and accomplishes himself as a ... Her marriage has been arranged in her childhood with wealthy Arun, who is the son of businessman Girdharilal and Kamla. Paras (Mahipal) is lost at sea when his father's ship enters into a storm.

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