In honor of Italian Language Week, here are 8 facts you may not know about the Italian language.Like other Romance languages, Italian is derived from Latin. Indeed, everyone can identify the Though various dialects of Italian have been around for centuries, it wasn’t until Italy unified that a standard version of the language emerged. It’s more like 2-5 million. 1.

1. Italian is also an official language in Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican city. The letters j, k, w, x and y do not exist, except for lean words, that means words that originate in another language. Though various dialects of Italian have been around for centuries, it wasn’t until Italy unified that a standard version of the language emerged.
In Sardinia, both Italian and Sardinian are taught in schools, but only Italian is taught in those other parts of Italy and the rest of the regions.

Well known writers and linguists like Dante and Petrarch were majorly responsible for Tuscan dialect or Italian to become the national language of Italy. In honor of Italian Language Week, here are 8 facts you may not know about the Italian language. Only 2.5% Italians knew Italian when it became their National language! Italy Facts | Italian Language.

Known as the Perhaps the most famous Italian writer of all time, Dante Alighieri penned Dante and other prominent Italian writers and linguists like Petrarch paved the path for the Tuscan dialect to become the national language of Italy. Also, in Venice, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia, Standard Italian is the official language. Latin was once the official language in a large part of Europe because the Romans ruled so much of the area. Though Italy’s economy lagged behind the rest of Europe during the first half of the twentieth century, currently it is the world’s seventh largest economy. 7. If you’d like to know more about this language that was spoken by so many of history’s greatest geniuses, you should think about Copyright © 2007 - 2020 Listen & Learn. Over 30 of these dialects are classified as endangered languages by UNESCO.Italian uses the same Roman characters as the English language… minus 5 of them. The Italian alphabet consists of 21 letters only. However, in terms of spoken language, Italians were slow to adopt the parlance of the new nation-state, identifying much more strongly with their regional dialects. Italy - Italy - Languages: Standard Italian, as a written administrative and literary language, was in existence well before the unification of Italy in the 1860s. However, it contains five fewer letters than English: it lacks the letters Everyone knows that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, but his invention would be useless if it weren’t for The standard dialect of Italian is based on the Tuscan dialect. Italian didn’t become a single, official language until 1861. In addition to being the national language of Italy, Italian is one of the national languages of Switzerland, with which it shares its northern border, as well as San Marino and Vatican City. In 1861, only about 2.5% of Italy’s population could speak what is now known as standard Italian.Like other Romance languages (and English), Italian uses Roman characters. Especially in the realm of fine arts, many of history’s most famous figures have hailed from Italy, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

In fact, they differ quite markably from standard Italian in sound, syntax, and vocabulary. Italian is a language which roots are in the Latin language. Italian is also the second-most spoken language in Argentina, and has a sizable population of native speakers in the United States.You may have seen or even visited the Sistine Chapel, but we bet you didn’t know what the longest Italian word was!Of course, there’s a lot more to learn about Italian aside from its longest word. All Rights Reserved Language Courses and Language Services USA & CanadaTel: 1-877-566-9299 (USA) / 1-416-800-9242 (Canada) In 1861, only about 2.5% of Italy’s population could speak what is … Though some of these dialects — including those spoken in and around the cities of Naples and Venice and on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia — share their Latin roots with Tuscan Italian, they are recognized as unique Romance languages that developed entirely independently of Italian. [4] Italian is a Romance language descended from Vulgar Latin, the dialect spoken by the people … This year’s celebration revolves around music, recognizing the melodic qualities of the language and Italy’s role as a historical producer of rich musical culture. Most of Italy's Romance languages predate Italian and evolved locally from Vulgar Latin, independently of what would become the standard national language, long before the fairly recent spread of Italian throughout Italy.

It is also the second most spoken language in Argentina, where it is estimated that over half the population is of Italian descent, making Italians the largest ethnic group in the country.Italian has been a widely spoken language in the U.S. for over one hundred years due to the large-scale migrations of the late 19th century.

Regional dialects coexist with standard Italian in most cities in Italy, with an estimated 60 percent of the population claiming proficiency in their local language.
Italy’s rich history, beautiful architecture, and delicious food are all reasons that it’s one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations. The Italian language has been around since – at least – the 900s. It is currently spoken by over 700,000 Americans, the majority of whom reside in New York and New Jersey, and is the 5th most studied language in U.S. schools (preceded by Spanish, French, American Sign Language, and German).i think this website was very useful i understood what u guys were talking about and thank u now i know were my famlys language came fromWay more than 700,000 Americans speak Italian. However, when Italy became one unified nation in 1861 and officially adopted Tuscan Italian as its national tongue, fewer than 2.5% of Italians could actually speak the standardized language.Before Italian unification in 1861, what we now know as Italy was made up of several independent states, each with their own regional language.

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