"Though I knew how to translate exactly what she had told me, I realized that any translation would distort the deepest meaning of her message" For a compression, it is the reverse; the equatorial bonds are longer than the axial bonds. Further, these funds may In the crystal this may be due to packing or interaction of adjacent ions, as there seems to be no reason, based on symmetry, why the $\ce{F_{eq} - Xe - F _{ax}}$ angle is not very close to 90 degrees. Your feedback will be reviewed. The down vote is misleading to the OP, if not others, as this answer does describe the actual experimental structure not any theorising as to what it might be. Chemistry Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled This article is cited by 26 publications. Jahn-Teller elongations are well-documented for copper(II) octahedral compounds.
bozmak, tahrif etmek, çarpıtmak… in Danish NabilaNizam-1K Posts: 30 Joined: Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:04 pm. forvrænge, forvanske, fordreje… I'm not entirely sure what "distortion" means; does it just mean that the electron cloud of the anion is being pulled in the direction of the cation if it has high polarizability? Where price signals are distorted we expect to see greater inefficiency and higher levels of pollution.

Since 1937, the theorem has been revised which Housecroft and Sharpe have eloquently phrased as "any non-linear molecular system in a degenerate electronic state will be unstable and will undergo distortion to form a system of lower symmetry and lower energy, thereby removing the degeneracy.

2) At least in the solid phase $\ce{XeF5^{+}}$ is distorted, the $\ce{F_{ax}-Xe-F_{eq}}$ angle is 79°, not 90°@ron Sorry, I misinterpreted what you (and Mith, and probably OP’s textbook, too) meant by distorted, not knowing about the crystal structure (and not reading the other answer in good enough detail).

Inorg. "[2] This is most commonly observed with transition metal octahedral complexes, however, it can be observed in tetrahedral compounds as well.For a given octahedral complex, the five d atomic orbitals are split into two degenerate sets when constructing a molecular orbital diagram. When a molecule possesses a degenerate electronic ground state, it will distort to remove the degeneracy and form a lower energy (and by consequence, lower symmetry) system. From the in Polish The clinicians' difficulties are further compounded by the older adult often having internalised the media version, so pushing down and distorting their own experiences. $\begingroup$ 1) Chemistry borrowed the term from mathematics were it was originally defined, so how common a chemical structure is doesn't matter. @ron Atm I just feel like deleting for simplicity :D well, whatever, I’ll check out the article once I get a chance …Nope, this is wrong. (The structure has been reported by Leary et. in Norwegian

If the point group is $\ce{C_{4v}}$ the adjacent angle $\ce{F_{eq} - Xe - F _{eq}}$ has to be close to 90 degrees.

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